Premium Sheet Mask Collection (5+2)


Hologram travel bag with five premium foil sheet masks and two charcoal sheet masks.  Duo-layered masks consist of detoxifying charcoal backing and foil front, which acts as insulation; penetrates deep into the skin for maximum absorption Moisturizing; safe for overnight wearing; infused with high-quality plant-based oils and essences.  Two pieces for more comfortable application that better fits your face.

Sheet mask are an easy and effective way to benefit by helping the skin get a higher concentration of ingredients to deeply hydrate and provide a big boost of nutrients to your skin.


    • Duo-layered masks
    • Activated charcoal backing: Brings out impurities from your skin
    • Foil front: Works as insulation to allow for serum to penetrate deeper
      • You can sleep with it: Rich in serum and foil front works as insulation
    • Mineral water: to keep a pure balanced pH balance in skin; prevents drying out your skin (the opposite of what we want) and fights puffiness in the skin
    • Two pieces: For more comfortable application that better fits your face
    • Plasma Technology: Blasted real gold on Gold and Rose gold sheet masks
    • and silver on silver, Halo Glow, Karma Glitter and Cosmic shimmer mask sheets to bring you unique antiaging (Gold) and healing (Silver) properties
      • Patented by company
    • Botanicals: Pure ingredients to bring you a real solution to your skin care needs


    • Cosmic Shimmer Hologram Foil Mask, 0.88 fl. oz.
    • Karma Glitter Hologram Foil Mask, 0.88 fl. oz.
    • 24K Gold Foil Mask, 0.88 fl. oz.
    • Silver Foil Mask, 0.88 fl. oz.
    • Rose Gold Foil Mask, 0.88 fl. oz.
    • 2 Charcoal Masks, 0.88 fl. oz. each
    • Hologram travel bag


    • Cleanse face using cleanser
    • Place mask over entire face
    • Leave mask on face for 20-30 minutes, then remove
    • Gently tap remaining essence on face until fully absorbed


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