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Skin Care Tips


Skin Care Solutions To Retain Moisture!



My skin is dry despite having a skin care routine, help!


If you have dry skin, and have difficulties applying makeup products in the morning and feel dryness in the afternoon, the first thing you should do is change your face cleanser that you use in the morning.

Most face cleansers/cleansers contain chemical surfactants to create rich foam bubbles. While doing so, chemical surfactants also destroy the moisture barrier on the skin which causes dryness and wrinkling. Use a quality cleanser without chemical surfactants that can hydrate the skin to prevent moisture loss and aging.


Pure Aura products do not use harsh chemical surfactants that causes damage on the skin barrier and moisture loss.

Our foam cleansers are mineral water based and foam through the special pump used. They do not contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, pthalates, and harmful preservatives.



    How often should I be using peel off masks?


    While peel off masks are great for removing dead skin cells, debris, and dirt, it is recommended to use peel offs 1-2 times a week max! This depends on your skin type but generally speaking this is not your typical moisturizing mask pack and should be used sparingly.

    Make sure to supplement peel off masks with moisturizers accordingly!



    What does the metallic foil masks do?


    Metallic foil masks are your one step up from regular sheet masks! These duo layered face masks are backed with foil to prevent the mask essence from evaporating into the air. This allows deeper penetration of the nutrients infused in the face mask.

    We recommend using foil face masks for a quick, intense moisturizing treat!