A Los Angeles based skin care brand with the integrity of Korean and European ingredients, Pure Aura was built around honesty, effectiveness, and uniqueness. Our goal is to create a line of skin care products that are sure to deliver the results you desire while having fun doing it. We want the best for your skin; products should never compromise functionality for style and should stay true to what they say is in them.  



By nature, for you

The force of nature is not one to be reckoned with and neither are the ingredients we use in our products. Derived from Korea, we use 23 natural ingredients that work together to bring you optimal results. Brightening, moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory are just some of the benefits of these ingredients. Always free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates with you in mind.



Guilt free glitter

The frankness of our ingredients doesn’t stop there. It is common for companies to use synthetic pigments and craft glitter that are not safe for the skin or the environment. All of the pigments and glitter we use come from Europe and are of cosmetic grade. This ensures that our products have both functionality and glam without compromise to your skin and our environment.



Innovation is key

Natural and safe ingredients mixed with technological innovation is just another reason why Pure Aura products are so cutting edge.  They feature patented minerals, nano-technology, foil front and charcoal backing, and mineral water to lock in moisture. Who said nature and technology couldn’t work together?


Always formulated with herbal ingredients and innovative technology to give a real solution to skin care. Honest, fun, and effective care with you in mind. Pure ingredients. Pure design. Pure Aura!