Tips to Beat Winter Dry Skin

Hot drinks. Snow. And of course, rocking the layered look. These are some of the many things winter is great for, but not for your skin. You are more vulnerable to dry skin during the winter because humidity levels drop. Wind also can have your skin feeling chapped. Here are some ways to beat winter dry skin!

Use a humidifier ☁

When the temperature drops, so do humidity levels. Lower humidity levels mean your skin is less able to retain healthy oils in your skin that protect it. Heaters also rob your skin of these healthy oils. Humidifiers force moisture back into the air and help bring moisture back into your skin. It's best to use it at nighttime before or while you sleep! 

Moisturize. Seriously! 

As we go further into these tips, you can see that the main thing when battling dry skin is to bring back the moisture you've lost. Use moisturizing products to bring the moisture back into your skin. Face masks are a great way to do this. Pura Aura has a variety of foil masks for you to choose from our Perk collection. The products in this collection use all natural botanicals that moisturizes and revitalizes skin. They all feature the hologram foil front with the charcoal backing for maximum insulation and moisture.

Layer up against cold winter winds

Its easier to prevent something from happening than to fix it after it has happened. Layer up to protect your skin from wind exposure. Use a scarf to protect your face and gloves to protect your hands. Not only do they keep you warm but they give your skin protection from the weather.

Hydrate inside and out

How your body is on the outside is also affected by how it is in on the inside. It's important to keep your body hydrated with fluid so the effects can carry out to your skin. To put it simply, make sure to drink plenty of water!



While it's helpful to consistently moisturize your skin, it's harder to yield any benefits if you don't exfoliate. Layers of dead skin can prevent moisture from penetrating your skin fully. Use a gentle exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. The Pure Aura Hologram peel off mask is for this. The product helps remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin moisturized afterwards.