The Basics on Essence

Time and time again, new products come into the skin care scene. But this product is one that's notable effects make it worthwhile to look into. Essence is a product that is becoming a popular product to incorporate into your skin care routine. Here are the basics on what is it is. 

What is an essence?

A post cleansing product formulated to enhance your skin’s ability to absorb your moisturizers and serums.

How does it do that?

This liquid product enriches the skin with antioxidants to sooth it and improve cell turnover. By improving your skin’s cell turnover, you are improving the skin cells’ ability to retain moisture. The longer your skin can retain moisture, the less time it gets dry.

This is why it is applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. Essence creates the optimal environment to fully absorb the benefits of your moisturizers and serums.


How it came about

It has rose in popularity when it was included in the widely known seven step korean skin care routine. It’s benefits to optimize product absorption is what continues to make it a suggested product to include in your own routine.


About our O2 Bubble Essence

 The Pure Aura O2 Bubble Essence isn't like your everyday essence. Not only does it enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture, but it uses oxygen activated bubbles to bring attention to dryer areas of your face. After application, the essence bubbles up more in areas that are more dry, letting you know where to focus your moisturizers and serums on. It takes product optimization to a whole new level.