Product sequencing: When to use what

Skin care routines are different because we all have different types of needs for our skin. Those with oily skin tend to opt out of using facial oil and those with dry skin opt out of using an exfoliant in their routine. While the products you may use for each of these skin care components may vary, the components usually stay the same. 

The sequence in which these products are used is important. Some products impede the effects of others or are meant to boost each others effects. It’s hard to guide yourself through a hoard of products. Here is the sequence to follow when using your skin care products.


1. Make up remover

No matter if you are doing your skin care routine during the day or night, the top layer of dirt should always be removed in order to properly deep clean the skin. If you are doing your routine at night, the first step is to remove your makeup! You can opt out of this step if you don’t have makeup on or are doing this routine in the morning. Not removing your makeup after a long day can lead to clogged pores. Our paper cloud is a great make up remover that also works as a facial cleanser, which is the next product.


2. Facial cleanser

The next step is to clean your face with cleanser. It’s a bad habit to not wash your face after removing your makeup because make up remover doesn’t clean your skin, it simply removes makeup from the top of your skin. Cleaning your face also gives way for the following products to properly work on your face by giving them a better base to work with.  


3. Exfoliate

Your exfoliant is next! Whether this is in a form of a scrub or exfoliating with a brush, it’s advised to exfoliate after your facial cleanser to remove the dead skin that is left on top of the skin. Our peel off masks work as an exfoliant as it peels away the dead skin. Exfoliating leaves your skin feeling smoother as dry skin that is rough and flaky is removed. If you have dry skin, it is advised to be careful with exfoliant as your skin has a sensitive top layer.


4. Toner

Set the mood for the moisturizing portion of your routine by using a toner! Toners are meant to shrink your pores. Having your pores too open when moisturizing can lead to too much product entering them, causing them to clog.


5. Serums

Moisturizing after exfoliating is how you prevent drying out the skin. The skin is vulnerable after you exfoliate because a level of moisture may have been stripped from your skin while trying to clean it. But it also is a great base for your serums to work with. Serums mainly have anti-aging and damage prevention properties. This would be when to use them in your routine.


6. Creams or lotions

Creams or lotions are another component of skin care. Serums and creams are used first in the moisturizing portion of your routine because they are water based products. Those with oily skin need to be wearing on the level of hydration of their skin because too much moisture is what leads to clogged pores.


7. Oils

Oils are used after serums and creams because water based products can’t penetrate oils. Oils also help lock in the moisture these products bring to your skin. Although, you should skip the oil if you are using more than two serums or creams as a moisturizer. You don’t want to look greasy.


8.Face Masks

Face masks are a fun component of skin care routines. Incorporating one is a great way to wind down from the day. Opt out of creams, serums, and oils if using one but remember to only use it on a clean face.


9. Sunblock

Sunblock is a neglected step in skin care routine. People may opt out of it thinking they have enough melanin in their skin or don’t understand the long term damage sun exposure has on skin. Sunblock is one the final steps in your skin care routine, a product you need to use if you are going out for the rest of the day. This is a step to opt out of if you are doing your routine at night.


Apply your makeup!

After all this, if you doing your routine during the day, would this be when you can apply your make up before doing out. Applying makeup on moisturized skin helps make up go on smoother and hold onto your skin longer.



Skin care may seem like a lot of steps and time, the investment into your skin is usually returned in the form of a healthy, youthful look. Damaged, dry, oily skin is uncomfortable to live with. Following a proper sequence of products ensure that your time is not wasted.