Magic Show Collection

Magic Show

With three different dynamic collections, one of our favorites is Magic Show. 

What makes Magic Show special is the completely unique line of products that are patented and owned only by Pure Aura.  Magnetic Mask, O2 Bubble and Paper Cloud are available no where else.

Magnetic Mask is made of organic, natural oils that are so small the essence absorbs quickly without effort directly into the skin.  Other products on the market that offer magnetic magic may seem similar, but the majority of the vitamins and minerals in the solution are too big to be absorbed into the skin cells.  Magnetic masks not only pulls away toxic build up, but it leaves the skin soft, supple and requires no extra moisturizer after use!

O2 Bubble Mask is like nothing else out there.  When your skin is in extra need of hydration, we mean winter wonder skin level, O2 is the solution for you!  With infused oxygen, the essence pulls oxygen directly into the skin, raising bubbles on the surface of the skin where it is doing the most work.  With the air bubbles reaching into the pores, it opens up the doorway to let in all of the organic natural vitamins and minerals within the solution.  This is pure magic, and leaves your skin super hydrated.  Perfect for winter conditions!

Crowd favorite Paper Cloud is the ultimate 2-in-1 hack. Both a face wash and a makeup remover, this travel friendly natural soap does wonders to the skin.  Not only does it not dry it out, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.  This is a no brainer. 

Magic Show is so special, that we had to create a category of its own for all of the unique products.  We are proud of the special formulas we offer, and dare you to up your skin care game and try them!