How to use a peel off mask

Peel masks have been rising in popularity alongside sheet masks because it’s a great way to exfoliate your face. Peel off masks are a type of face mask that comes in a paste form, usually in a tube or a container, that is meant to be applied to the face and then peeled off when dry. It exfoliates your face by removing the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin with the peel off characteristic of the mask. This type of face mask may not be new to some but can be tricky for some to figure out how to use it properly. Here is the prop way to use and apply a peel off mask.


  1. The first for any face mask, whether it’s a sheet or peel off mask, is to wash your face. Washing your face before you apply the mask is essential because it removes the top layer of dirt that is on your skin. This allows for the peel off mask to proper exfoliate the dead skin cells left on your skin

  2. Before applying the mask, it's good to shake the product bottle to mix the product. Products tend to have natural separation but can easily be fixed with a little shake up. 

  3. Squeeze the product out of the tube scoop out of the container.

  4. To ensure the mask dries in the expected amount of time, apply it evenly on your face. Avoid applying the product in your eye area and eyebrows. Don’t put too thick of a layer so it can dry well.

  5. Then wait for it to dry for 25 to 30 minutes. It is advised to not leave it on for much longer than that.

  6. Once the mask is dry, peel off the mask. Start from the inside edges and work your way outwards. A good tip on loosening up the edges of the mask is to scrunch up your face. Part of the mask should come off the face, giving you a place to start peeling off the mask. Wash away parts of the mask left behind with warm water.

If you look at the peeled off mask, you may be able to see the dead skin that was on your face. After you peel off the mask, your skin should be left feeling smoother and looking brighter than before!