Festival Season Skin Care Essentials

Coachella is coming up, which mean festival season is upon us! Music festivals have become a popular pastime for contemporary music lovers but dates back to Woodstock in the early 70s. It’s just something listening to music outdoors and being surrounded by art, culture, and your friends that just makes you feel amazing. But that means lots of pictures and wanting to look your best for these pictures. It's hard to keep up with the heat, wind, and dust from these and it’s harder on your skin. Here are five essential items your skin needs to keep up during festival season.

Shade from the sun and protection from the dust

The best way solution to skin damage starts with preventing it from happening. It’s a good idea to have physical protection from the sun and dust along with your other remedies as a first line of defense against the elements. Shade in a form of a hat, visor, fan, or even a cute parasol is a great way to protect your face from the sun. A bandanna is a easy way to protect your face from dust and is an easy accessory to incorporate into your outfit!

Oil blotting sheets

People get sweaty, people get oily. If you don’t want to have to deal with cleaning your face every time it starts getting oily, oil blotting sheets are great to keep up with your skin in between sets.

Make up remover and facial cleanser

It’s always tough to remember to take off your makeup and clean your face after a night out, even more so after a day out in the festival. But it’s important to do so to prevent a morning pimple ruining your look for the next day. Make sure to bring makeup remover and facial cleanser. Our Paper Cloud is actually great for on the go purposes. Just add a handful of water to activate it’s makeup cleansing foam that cleans your face but leaves it feeling hydrated. It’s small packaging and lack of wipes cuts down on waste and space!


Moisturizer and face oil

The dry heat and dust can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky. Bring moisturizers to hydrate your skin after a long day of dancing and fun. But also bring a face oil to strengthen your skin against sun, wind, and dust for another day of fun. It’s useful to incorporate face oils into your skin routine a couple days before the festival to prepare your skin for what's to come.

Plenty of water!

The outside of your body reflects the inside of your body. Drink plenty of water throughout the festival to not only keeps your skin hydrated but you hydrated! You don't want to possibly bring harm to yourself by dehydration. 


Festival season is upon us, make sure your skin holds up so dry, oily, or flaky skin doesn’t ruin your fun!