Creams vs Oils

In order to create a lasting solution to a problem, you must just find a way to correct it and a way to prevent it from happening again. This is what separates lotions and creams from oils. Both serve the problem of dehydrated skin but in different ways. Here is what makes creams and lotions different from oils.

What these two types of products are made of gives them their different functions and abilities. Creams and lotions are mostly waxes and water with a few oils thrown in. While oils are simply that, oils. Some brands additives such as fragrances. But Pure Aura Face Oil includes all natural ingredients without additives, bringing you pureness you deserve. Natural oils have small lipid particles in oils (a special property of oils) that penetrate past the epidermal barrier to deliver nutrients to deeper layers of the skin. This means that the oils reach the dermal layer (that creams and lotions can’t) where skin renewal takes place. Both have the quality of softening/soothing the skin. But oils function as a preventive/retardant for water loss by renewing the skin. While lotions and creams work as a moisturizer by rehydrating the skin.  

With this being said, oils serve as a way to prevent future dry skin while creams and lotions serve as an immediate way to solve dry skin. This doesn’t mean one is better at solving dry skin than the other. Oils strengthen your skin against damage caused by the sun, weather elements, free radicals, and aging; which is why oils are part of the prevention side of the solution. Creams and oils rehydrate the skin as it is needed; making it more of the correction side of the solution to dry skin.

The functions of these products makes the order you use them important. After washing the face, you put on your face oils. You then follow it up with your creams and sunblocks. This allows for the oil to penetrate the deeper layer of your skin while the creams and lotions rehydrate the top of your skin.

Oils and creams are both necessary in skin care routines, especially those battling dry or aging skin. Utilizing the power of both can bring you a true solution to your skin care problem by not just correcting it, but also preventing it.