02 Bubble Essence

How can you find out which part of your face is dryer than other?

02 Bubble Essence

Transforming essence that works for you


It’s easier to find the dry areas of your face by using 02 bubble essence on your face. It uses oxygen and active nutrients to recognize the problem areas that are dryer than others. Rub in the rich, hydrating oxygen bubbles so the essence penetrates deeper to deliver moisture. It replenishes your skin, leaving it looking more youthful and vibrant.



  • Essence to moisturize your skin
  • Brings attention to dry skin areas



  • Activated by oxygen to show troubled areas // Bubbles up
  • Transforms from serum to rub in essence
  • Enriched with non comedogenic plant-based oils, like Olive Oil, that are full of antioxidants


How to Use

  • Use before any other serums and creams
  • Apply it evenly all over the face
  • The serum will bubble up significantly on parts of the face that are most dry
    • You will feel the bubbles fizz up on your face
  • Work serum into your skin to rejuvenate with essence


Effects in time interval may vary depending on different skin type and condition