Karma Glitter Foil Mask

Main goal: rejuvenate the skin for radiant, vibrant skin through moisturizing and restoring elasticity

Product features

  • Charcoal Backing - absorbs harmful substances from the skin
  • Foil fronting - ensure ingredient penetration to applied area and insulation to boost ingredient effectiveness
  • Mineral water - flushes out contaminants of skin; helps replenishes skin of electrolytes to promote future dehydration of the skin


Key ingredients

  • Marigold (Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract) has been considered beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing. Marigold prevents wrinkles by its cell renewal property. It can be used as a natural moisturizer and is very soothing to irritated chapped and sun-damaged skin.
  • Wormwood (Artemisia Princeps Extract) has moisturizing effect, it also works very well for those with dry skin. Promote blood circulation throughout the body, improving the metabolism, helping the skin well nourished, the skin wounds heal and rapid healing.
  • Glycerin - attracts and retains moisture into the affected area by improving circulation. This then soothes inflammation. It also brings a glowing effect to the skin.
  • Chamomilla Recutita - (German chamomile) acts as a moisturizer that softens and smoothes the skin


Effects in time intervals

When removing the mask out of the packaging, you can feel that the product is weighed with a  generous amount of serum to work with. This gives the mask an oozy texture when first applied to the affected area. The face mask comes in two parts.

  • Application
    • Rich in essence
    • Thick in product/serum; heavy
    • “Sticky” or slimy when applied
    • Generous amount of serum to work with
    • The charcoal side should be the side applied to your face
  • 5 Minutes
    • Mask itself feels drier at the product start to enter the applied area. Mask itself feels slightly lighter but is still wet as the product starts to enter the applied area. The mask gives you a refreshing feeling with a cooling sensation.
  • 10 minutes
    • The product/serum is penetrating the affected area. The cooling sensation simmers down and a soothing feeling comes in
  • 15 minutes
    • The soothing effect continues as skin full absorbs the serum. Mask is no longer oozing or sticky.
  • 20 minutes
    • The soothing feeling comes to an end. The mask becoming more dry may cause the mask to not stick to the skin as well. It helps to repress the mask on the areas it starts to unstick from. The mask feels pretty stuck to the skin which is a sign the essence has really penetrated the skin.
  • Removal
    • Skin is wet from the leftover serum left behind. It is suggested to tap this leftover serum while it is there. The serum gives a refreshing feeling when the mask is taken off. It is different from the earlier cooling feeling because the skin feels lighter but not cold.
  • Post removal effects
    • Skin is feeling refreshed, moist to the touch (wet)
    • The skin is wet from leftover serum
    • Skin is feeling refreshed and moisturized.
    • Elasticity is regained feels tighter
    • Skin is left radiant and brighter
    • Skin no longer flaky or dry


Effects in time interval may vary depending on different skin type and condition